Yamaha EZ Keyboards – Lighted Keyboard

Are Yamaha EZ keyboards right for you? If you’re learning to play the keyboard this may be just what you need. If you’ve never played, this lighted keyboard may be the one. If you’re looking for a keyboard for a child or student this may just be the kind of keyboard for you.

What makes EZ keyboards stand out is their lighted keyboard. Just choose a song from the many built-in songs of the keyboard, select if you’d like to play the left or right hand and hit “Start”. The keyboard lights up, showing you the right key to play. The song will actually stop waiting for the right key to be played.

If you want to make learning to play the keyboard a fun one for your child, this is a great choice. One of the best ones is the Yamaha EZ-220.

Are you on a budget? The  costs about $169.95. You should be able to find a used one for less.

Like most Yamaha portable keyboards, Yamaha EZ keyboards feature expressive piano-like touch. If you’re buying a keyboard with piano in mind, this is an important feature. On an acoustic piano, striking the key harder produces a louder sound, while striking it soft produces a softer sound. Thanks to the touch response feature of EZ keyboards, the keyboard responds like an acoustic piano.Yamaha EZ 200 keyboard

Keyboards like the EZ-220 come with a feature called Yamaha Education Suite. The YES feature helps you learn to play. The keyboard has 100 built-in songs separated into left and right hand parts. There are 7 levels of lessons plus a chord dictionary. Also, the correct fingering is indicated in the LCD display. This makes the Yamaha EZ-220 a great keyboard for beginners.

Other features:

Computer Connectivity: General MIDI (GM) and XGlite compatible

367 Voices and the One-Touch Setting

– Sound Quality: Real stereo
– 32 Note Polyphony and 16 Part Multi Timbrel
– Portable grand piano
– Reverb
– Metronome
– 100 Keyboard Styles
– MIDI In/Out, Sustain Pedal jack and a Headphone jack

 Be sure to read the various reviews to make sure this is right for you.

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