Yamaha Arranger Keyboards Buying Guide

We now take a look at Yamaha arranger keyboards. We have already talked about several other kinds of Yamaha keyboards and their special features to help you choose the best keyboad for you. On this page we shall consider a few arranger workstations.

If you’re an arranger, or you’re aspiring towards musical arrangement, Yamaha is a great choice. Popular arranger workstations include the , Yamaha Tyros 3, , , , Yamaha PSR-S550B and Yamaha PSR-S900. Each of these keyboards come with a 16 track sequencer.

Yamaha arranger workstations feature a huge range of orchestral and synthesizer sounds, as well as performance functions. These workstations use the unique Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generation system. They come with outstanding accompaniment styles, USB connectivity and recording options. There’s a feature called Music Database that allows the keyboard player to select the correct sounds for hundreds of well known songs. You can store your favorite registrations with Registration Memory.

Let’s take a look at the features of two of these Yamaha arranger keyboards to give you an even better idea of what they come with.

Yamaha PSR S910 Features:

– Super Articulation Voices

– Sounds from the legendary Tyros3

– Microphone input with 3-part vocal harmony

– 128-note polyphony

– 16-track sequencer

– Audio recorder

– MP3 playback

– Color screen

– Internet Direct Connect and USB connectivity

– Dozens of effectsYamaha PSR S910

Yamaha Tyros 4 Features:

– 61 keys Initial Touch/Aftertouch

– 128 note polyphony, layer and split

– 993 Voices + 30 Organ Flutes + 480 XG Voices + 256 GMS Voices + 44 Drums/SFX Kits

– 16 Tracks, Lyric & Score display

– Stereo Audio Recorder/Player

– Effects, Vocal Harmony, Mic input

– Voice Expandability

– 500 Styles, Music Finder

– Storage: USB to Device, 6MB Internal Flash, Internal HD 250GB or more

– Display: 640 x 480 dots TFT VGA color 7.5 inch LCD

– Optional Speaker System: YAMTRSMS04Yamaha Tyros 4 arranger keyboard

There is a huge disparity in the prices of these Yamaha arranger keyboards. For instance, the Yamaha Tyros costs as much as $4999.99 while the PSR S550 sells for as little as $749.99. naturally, the more you pay, the better the keyboard gets. Budget should play a big part in what you buy, as well as whether or not you like the keyboard.

If you’re on a budget and want a cheaper arranger keyboard there are other options. For instance there’s the , YPG-535,  and  with 6 track sequencers, and the  with a 2 track recorder. You’re obviously very limited with such a small sequencer but it’s a compromise that can be made if price is an issue.

So when you want to sequence songs on a keyboard, Yamaha arranger workstations are the way to go.  Read the reviews and be sure to buy a keyboard that meets your needs.

Yamaha Keyboards Buying Guide

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