Roll Up Piano Keyboard Review

Portable roll up piano keyboard

Portable roll up piano keyboard

Let’s take a look at the roll up piano keyboard. As the name suggests, this is a piano keyboard that actually rolls up. Should you buy one of these? It depends.

If you’re looking for a very small keyboard that you can roll up and take with you anywhere, one that you can carry around in your bag, you can look into the roll up keyboard. The main advantage of this kind of keyboard is its small size and portability. But if size and weight do not matter at all, there’s no need to buy such a keyboard. There are so many better portable keyboards around, real instruments with an actual piano keyboard, not just some flat piece of rubber.

I probably wouldn’t buy such a keyboard. It simply doesn’t meet my needs. I mean how much playing can you do on this thing. I can imagine getting very bored with this cheap keyboard. You can get one for less than $30 online.

So what are some of the features that one can expect with a roll-up electric piano keyboard? One popular one is the As Seen On TV Jobar International . It has some great reviews. Its features include 37 keys, 10 demo songs, 16 tone choices, 99 rhythm choices, and 3 octaves of range. Its manufacturers claim that you can use it to learn to play the piano but I am really not sold on that. They talk about getting amazing music quality, and that I am not too sure about as well.

portable roll up piano keyboardThe main advantage of this thing is that you can carry it anywhere. You would be able to easily check out chords or notes but you really can’t do much. Having said this, a roll-up piano keyboard can be a great tool for writing simple sheet music when you’re away from an actual piano or keyboard. Maybe you can use it to call up the right keys for singers, instead of walking with a heavy instrument. You can use it to practice sight reading when you’re away from a piano.

You must have a flat surface to play this keyboard. Some buyers have complained about not being able to straighten the keyboard out to where it would lie flat.

But you won’t develop much skill with a roll up piano keyboard. You need real piano or piano-like keys. I can’t imagine one spending much time on this keyboard. It may be a temporary solution and that’s pretty much it.

If extreme portability is not what you desire then don’t buy a roll up music keyboard. If you value portability but intend to play a lot, buying this keyboard is still a bad idea. You better get prepared to carry around a bigger keyboard.

At the end of the day whether you buy a roll up electric piano or not all depends on your particular needs. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy it, just be clear about what it offers and whether or not it’s what you’re looking for.