Free Piano Chords Chart

In search of a piano chords chart? You will find various chord charts here. Learn how to build major, minor, diminished, diminished seventh, augmented, suspended fourth, seventh suspended fourth, dominant seventh, minor seventh, major seventh, minor sixth and major sixth piano chords.

For more advanced chords, such as 9th, 11th and 13th chords, check out the main piano chords section.

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Major Chords Chart

Learn how to build all 12 major chords with this basic chord chart.

  • C major – C E G
  • C# major – C# E# G#
  • D major – D F# A
  • Eb major – Eb G Bb
  • E major – E G# B
  • F major – F A C
  • F# major – F# A# C#
  • G major – G B D
  • Ab major – Ab C Eb
  • A major – A C# E
  • Bb major – Bb D F
  • B major – B D# F#

Major piano chords chart.

Minor Piano Chords Chart

Learn how to build all 12 minor chords with this basic piano chords chart.

  • C minor – C Eb G
  • C# minor – C# E G#
  • D minor – D F A
  • Eb minor – Eb Gb Bb
  • E minor – E G B
  • F minor – F Ab C
  • F# minor – F# A C#
  • G minor – G Bb D
  • Ab minor – Ab Cb(B) Eb
  • A minor – A C E
  • Bb minor – Bb Db F
  • B minor – B D F#Minor piano chord chart

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How to Form Diminished Piano Chords

  • C diminished – C Eb Gb
  • C# diminished – C# E G
  • D diminished – D F Ab
  • Eb diminished – Eb Gb Bbb(A)
  • E diminished – E G Bb
  • F diminished – F Ab Cb(B)
  • F# diminished – F# A C
  • G diminished – G Bb Db
  • Ab diminished – Ab Cb Ebb(D)
  • A diminished – A C Eb
  • Bb diminished – Bb Db Fb(E)
  • B diminished – B D F

Diminished Piano Chords
Diminished piano chords chart

How to build Diminished 7th Piano Chords

  • C diminished seventh – C Eb Gb Bbb(A)
  • C# diminished seventh – C# E G Bb
  • D diminished seventh – D F Ab Cb(B)
  • Eb diminished seventh – Eb Gb Bbb(A) Dbb(C)
  • E diminished seventh – E G Bb Db
  • F diminished seventh – F Ab Cb(B) Ebb(D)
  • F# diminished seventh – F# A C Eb
  • G diminished seventh – G Bb Db Fb(E)
  • Ab diminished seventh – Ab Cb Ebb(D) Gbb(F)
  • A diminished seventh – A C Eb Gb
  • Bb diminished seventh – Bb Db Fb(E) Abb(G)
  • B diminished seventh – B D F Ab

How to Form Augmented Piano Chords

  • C augmented – C E G#
  • C# augmented – C# E#(F) G##(A)
  • D augmented – D F# A#
  • Eb augmented – Eb G B
  • E augmented – E G# B#(C)
  • F augmented – F A C#
  • F# augmented – F# A# C##(D)
  • G augmented – G B D#
  • Ab augmented – Ab C E
  • A augmented – A C# E#(F)
  • Bb augmented – Bb D F#
  • B augmented – B D♯ F##(G)

Augmented Piano Chords
Augmented piano chords chart.

Dominant Seventh Piano Chords

  • C dominant seventh – C E G Bb
  • C# dominant seventh – C# E#(F) G# B
  • D dominant seventh – D F# A C
  • Eb dominant seventh – Eb G Bb Db
  • E dominant seventh – E G# B D
  • F dominant seventh – F A C Eb
  • F# dominant seventh – F# A# C# E
  • G dominant seventh – G B D F
  • Ab dominant seventh – Ab C Eb Gb
  • A dominant seventh – A C# E G
  • Bb dominant seventh – Bb D F Ab
  • B dominant seventh – B D# F# A

Dominant 7th Piano Chords
Dominant 7th piano chords chart.

Minor Seventh Piano Chords

  • C minor seventh – C Eb G Bb
  • C# minor seventh – C# E G# B
  • D minor seventh – D F A C
  • Eb minor seventh – Eb Gb Bb Db
  • E minor seventh – E G B D
  • F minor seventh – F Ab C Eb
  • F# minor seventh – F# A C# E
  • G minor seventh – G Bb D F
  • Ab minor seventh – Ab Cb(B) Eb Gb
  • A minor seventh – A C E G
  • Bb minor seventh – Bb Db F Ab
  • B minor seventh – B D F# A

Minor 7th Piano Chords
Minor 7th piano chords chart.

Major Seventh Piano Chord Chart

  • C major seventh – C E G B
  • C# major seventh – C# E#(F) G# B#(C)
  • D major seventh – D F# A C#
  • Eb major seventh – Eb G Bb D
  • E major seventh – E G# B D#
  • F major seventh – F A C E
  • F# major seventh – F# A# C# E#(F)
  • G major seventh – G B D F#
  • Ab major seventh – Ab C Eb G
  • A major seventh – A C# E G#
  • Bb major seventh – Bb D F A
  • B major seventh – B D# F# A#

Suspended Fourth Piano Chord Chart

  • C suspended fourth – C F G
  • C# suspended fourth – C# F# G#
  • D suspended fourth – D G A
  • Eb suspended fourth – Eb Ab Bb
  • E suspended fourth – E A B
  • F suspended fourth – F Bb C
  • F# suspended fourth – F# B C#
  • G suspended fourth – G C D
  • Ab suspended fourth – Ab Db Eb
  • A suspended fourth – A D E
  • Bb suspended fourth – Bb Eb F
  • B suspended fourth – B E F#

Seventh Suspended Fourth Piano Chords Chart

  • C seventh suspended fourth – C F G Bb
  • C# seventh suspended fourth – C# F# G# B
  • D seventh suspended fourth – D G A C
  • Eb seventh suspended fourth – Eb Ab Bb Db
  • E seventh suspended fourth – E A B D
  • F seventh suspended fourth – F Bb C Eb
  • F# seventh suspended fourth – F# B C# E
  • G seventh suspended fourth – G C D F
  • Ab seventh suspended fourth – Ab Db Eb Gb
  • A seventh suspended fourth – A D E G
  • Bb seventh suspended fourth – Bb Eb F Ab
  • B seventh suspended fourth – B E F# A

More Info on Suspended Chords – includes image charts.

Major Sixth Piano Chords Chart

  • C major sixth – C E G A
  • C# major sixth – C# E# G# A#
  • D major sixth – D F# A B
  • Eb major sixth – Eb G Bb C
  • E major sixth – E G# B C#
  • F major sixth – F A C D
  • F# major sixth – F# A# C# D#
  • G major sixth – G B D E
  • Ab major sixth – Ab C Eb F
  • A major sixth – A C# E F#
  • Bb major sixth – Bb D F G
  • B major sixth – B D# F# G#

Minor Sixth Chords Chart

  • C minor sixth – C Eb G A
  • C# minor sixth – C# E G# A#
  • D minor sixth – D F A B
  • Eb minor sixth – Eb Gb Bb C
  • E minor sixth – E G B C#
  • F minor sixth – F Ab C D
  • F# minor sixth – F# A C# D#
  • G minor sixth – G Bb D E
  • Ab minor sixth – Ab Cb Eb F
  • A minor sixth – A C E F#
  • Bb minor sixth – Bb Db F G
  • B minor sixth – B D F# G#

Major and Minor Sixth Chord Diagrams

Go here for a piano lesson on how to build other types of piano chords. It includes simple chords like major, minor, diminished, augmented, sixth and seventh chords, as well as variations of advanced ninth, eleventh and thirteenth chords. It’s very extensive.

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