Chords In The Key Of D Flat Major

The key of D flat major makes use of the same chords and scale notes as the key of C sharp major, except that the notes and chords have different names. Db and C# are enharmonic equivalents.

What are the chords in the key of Db major?

First of all let’s take a look at the D flat major scale. The notes in this scale are Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb C Db. Like every other major key the chords in this key follows the pattern major minor minor major major minor diminished.

The triads in the key of D flat major are Dbmaj, Ebmin, Fmin, Gbmaj, Abmaj, Bbmin and Cdim. The four note chords with sevenths are Dbmaj7, Ebmin7 Fmin7, Gbmaj7, Ab7, Bbmin7 and Cm7b5.

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Let’s list these chords by roman numerals. Each note in the scale is represented by a different roman numeral. Notice that some are capitalized while others are not.

  • I – Db major, Db major seventh (bDmaj, Dbmaj7)
  • ii – Eb minor, Eb minor seventh (Ebm, Ebm7)
  • iii – F minor, F minor seventh (Fm, Fm7)
  • IV – Gb major, Gb major seventh (Gb, Gbmaj 7)
  • V – Ab major, Ab dominant seventh (Ab, Ab7)
  • vi – Bb minor, Bb minor seventh (Bbm, Bbm7)
  • vii° – C diminished, C minor seventh flat five (C°, Cm7b5)

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Piano Chords In The Key Of D Flat Major

The following key chord chart shows the triads and four note extended chords in the key of Db major.Piano chords in the key of D flat.

So what notes do these chords consist of?

  • Chord I, Db major (Db – F – Ab). Db major seventh (Db – F – Ab – C).
  • Chord ii, Eb minor (Eb – Gb – Bb). Eb minor seventh (Eb – Gb – Bb – Db).
  • Chord iii, F minor (F – Ab – C). F minor seventh (F – Ab – C – Eb).
  • Chord IV, Gb major (Gb – Bb – Db). Gb major seventh (Gb – Bb – Db – F).
  • Chord V, Ab major (Ab – C – Eb). Ab dominant seventh (Ab – C – Eb – Gb).
  • Chord vi, Bb minor (Bb – Db – F). Bb minor seventh (Bb – Db – F – Ab).
  • Chord vii°, C diminished (C – Eb – Gb). C minor seventh flat five (C – Eb – Gb – Bb).

Common chord progressions in the key of Db major are:

  • I – IV – V (Db – Gb – Ab)
  • I – vi – IV – V (Db – Bbm – Gb – Ab)
  • ii – V – I (Ebm7 – Ab7 – Dbmaj7)

The following is a diagram of the Db major key signature as well as the Db major scale on the treble and bass clefs. The Db major scale has 5 flats, Ab, Bb, Db, Eb, and Gb.D flat major key signature on treble clef.D flat major key signature on bass clef.

Here is a diagram showing the Db major scale on piano/keyboard.D flat major scale on piano.

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