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Do you want to learn how to play piano? If so, you’re in the right place. Our piano lesson reviews will guide you into choosing the best courses available online. You will find reviews of the best programs right here. Find out what we deem to be the top piano courses on the Internet.

I have bought several online piano courses for testing purposes and after checking them out thoroughly, have narrowed them down to the ones I think are best. I make recommendations having personally tried these piano lessons.

What is my top recommendation for learning how to play piano?

If you are to purchase just ONE course from the Internet, the one I recommend is Pianoforall. Unlike other courses that give students false hope, this one really delivers. The folks at PianoForAll keep the promises made on their site. To begin with, their promises are realistic. I recommend their lessons highly. 

Many online piano lessons have failed due to the fact that they place too much stress on the technical aspects of learning to play. Some courses make learning how to play piano and keyboard so tedious and boring, it’s unbelievable! Pianoforall is different. It’s clear that its creator, Robin Hall understands exactly what is necessary to start playing piano and keyboards quickly and easily.

 include as many as 10 ebooks, 500 audio and 200 videos. I like the way the lessons are laid out, taking you step by step. The entire process motivates you to learn piano.

This course is different to other courses in that it doesn’t focus on too much abstract theory. Clearly, the traditional methods of teaching  have not worked for most piano students. Boring methods have caused many people to give up on the piano. In my estimation, Pianoforall is a much more fun way to learn. While these lessons are challenging, it’s a more student friendly approach.

As for the price, it’s worth every cent. You can easily spend several times the amount on hiring a piano teacher, whether with a group or on your own, and end up being dissatisfied. Compared to other piano lessons that cost the same, this one is unmatched. 

Apart from having thoroughly examined Pianoforall, I have read several positive reviews about it online and have gotten great feedback from users. I’d like to encourage you to check it out for yourself. Visit the Piano4all site and learn more about it. 

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