Free Piano Chords Charts – Diminished and Augmented

Welcome to our Free piano Chords Charts for Beginners page. You will find various types of chords in our main piano chords section, from simple to advanced. On one of our free piano chords chart pages, you find a major and minor piano chord chart with pictures of the piano keyboard. In this lesson we take a look at diminished and augmented chord charts.

How to build a diminished chord

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Let’s learn how to build a diminished chord. To build a diminished chord you combine the root, flat third and flat fifth of the major scale. Here’s an easy way to form a diminished chord: You can start with a major chord and lower the 3rd and 5th notes of the chord by a half step or semitone. For instance, in the chord C diminished, lower E to E flat and lower G to G flat. A diminished chord is written dim or o. Example C diminished is written Cdim or Co.

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Diminished Piano Chords Chart

C diminished – C Eb Gb
C# diminished- C# E G
D diminished – D F Ab
Eb diminished – Eb Gb Bbb (Bbb is the same as A key on piano.)
E diminished – E G Bb
F diminished – F Ab Cb (Cb is the same as B key on  piano)
F# diminished – F# A C
G diminished – G Bb Db
Ab diminished – Ab Cb Ebb (Ebb is the same as D key on piano.)
A diminished – A C Eb
Bb diminished – Bb Db Fb (Fb is the same as E key on piano.)
B diminished – B D F

Here’s a free piano chords chart to help you learn how to form diminished chords in all twelve keys.

free diminished piano chords chart

Diminished Chords

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How to build an augmented chord

Let’s learn how to build an augmented chord. To build an augmented chord you combine the root, third and sharp fifth of the major scale. Here’s a quick and easy way to form an augmented chord: simply hold a major chord then raise the fifth note of the scale by a half step. For instance take the chord C and simply raise the note G by half a step to G#. The notes of C augmented would therefore be C E and G#. An augmented chord is written aug or +. For example D augmented is written. Daug or D+.

Augmented Piano Chords Chart

C augmented – C E G#
C# augmented – C# E# G## (G## is the same as A key.)
D augmented – D F# A#
Eb augmented – Eb G B
E augmented – E G# B# (B# is the same as C key.)
F augmented – F A C#
F# augmented – F# A# C## (C## is the same as D key.)
G augmented – G B D#
Ab augmented – Ab C E
A augmented – A C# E# (E# is the same as F key.)
Bb augmented – Bb D F#
B augmented – B D# F## (F## is the same as G key on piano.)

 Here’s a free piano chords chart to help you learn how to build augmented chords in all twelve keys.

Free augmented piano chords chart.

Augmented Chords

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