F Chord – F Major on Piano

Let’s learn how to play an F chord.

In addition to the chords, C and G, the F major chord is one of the first chords to be learned when learning to play the piano. It is a very simple chord consisting of three notes, F A C (F, A and C). Like the chords C and G, or any other major chord for that matter, the F maj chord is formed by combining a root (F), a major third (A) and a perfect fifth (C). The chord, F consists of three notes as seen, and is a triad.

How do you locate F on your keyboard? It is very easy. First, observe the pattern of black keys on your keyboard. You will see that the black keys are grouped in twos and threes. F is located right before the set of three black keys. On your keyboard, A is two tones to the right of F, and C is one and a half tones to the right of A.

We shall learn to play the F chord with the right hand in different inversions. See the diagram on the right. We have already looked at this chord in the root position. The notes are in that order: F A C. In the first inversion the order of notes are A C F. In the second inversion the order of notes are C F A.

What fingers are these notes played with? In root position, finger one (thumb) plays F, finger three (middle finger) plays A and finger five (little finger) plays C. In the first inversion finger one plays A, finger two plays C and finger five plays F. In the second inversion, finger one plays C, finger three plays F, and finger five plays A.

Quick Video: How To Play The F Major  Chord On Piano And Keyboard

The F major chord occurs naturally in the following keys:

In the key of F major, the F maj chord is chord I. The relative minor for this key is D minor and F is chord III in this minor key.

In the key of Bb major, the chord F, is chord V. The relative minor for this key is G minor, and F is chord VII.

In the key of C major, F is chord IV. The relative minor is A minor and F is chord VI.

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