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Best free computer keyboard piano software online – BGFL virtual keyboard

If you’re looking for software that allows your computer keyboard to simulate a piano keyboard, you’re in the right place. I have listed the best software options here. Some of them are available for download and some can be played online. With all of these options, the various notes have been assigned to certain keys on your computer keyboard. All you have to do is hit the corresponding keys on your computer and the piano plays. In this article I shall talk about my favorite virtual keyboard.

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Many search terms/phrases are used to refer to the same thing. These include virtual piano keyboard, flash piano, online piano keyboard using computer keyboard, computer piano keyboard, piano emulator, piano simulator and more. It’s even called a piano machine! Such is the nature of the Internet. We shall use these terms interchangeably.

BGFL Computer Keyboard Piano

If I were to recommend just one virtual piano keyboard it would have to be . I have found it to be very useful when I’m away from my piano or keyboards. This PC piano keyboard has a total of 18 notes. It starts on middle C and ends on upper F (one and a half octaves). The double bass is pitched lower. This piano simulator looks really good as well. In my mind, it’s the best on the Internet when it comes to computer keyboard piano software.

Apart from the piano voice, it comes with other tones including organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, strings, guitar, steel drums and double bass. The default voice is piano. To select other voices, simply click on the appropriate voice name and your online piano keyboard refreshes.

So how do you know what keys to press? There is a diagram of keys. Simply click on “INSTRUCTIONS” to find it.

This free piano emulator even comes with drum beats. There is a total of six drum beats that you can play along with. They sound pretty good. However, I would have been happier if there was the option of changing the tempo. But with a FREE flash piano player, I might be asking for too much.

Another one of my disappointments was the fact that there is a bit of a delay between the time you press the keys and when you hear the note. This is a useful tool for finding notes, intervals, chords and figuring out scales but nothing beats a real keyboard or piano. Because of the latency, it’s hard to play an actual melody in time. However, you can still try. It can be fun.

This  simulator comes with a very useful chord mode feature. You can click on “CHORD MODE”, click the notes of a chord, then click “PLAY CHORD” and listen to how it sounds. Impressive!

If you’re learning to play piano, a tool like the one above will come in very handy. As I said earlier, nothing beats a real piano or keyboard, but when you’re away from your instrument, I’d encourage you to make use of an online computer piano keyboard.

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Are you learning to play the piano? Do you want to improve your piano or keyboard playing skills?

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