Casio Lighted Keyboard Series

Let’s take a look at the Casio lighted keyboard. This kind of Casio keyboard is great for those learning how to play the keyboard. Its keyboard lights up, showing you the correct notes to play in various songs. Just follow the lights.casio lighted keyboard

For keyboards like the Casio LK-270, you start by becoming familiar with the timing of the notes. You simply watch the keys light up as one of the 100 built-in Song Bank tunes plays. The next step is to practice playing at a comfortable pace. The last step is to try playing at a normal tempo for the Song Bank tune. The keyboard even has a simulated human voice that calls out the right fingers for the required notes. You can view the timing of the notes on the keyboard’s screen.

Casio lighted keyboard models include the Casio LK100, LK230, and LK270. They are pretty cheap. They sell for about $129.95, $149.95 and $199.95 respectively, and all come with 61 keys. You can  and decide whether they are right for you. The more you pay the better the keyboard. Budget would probably play a factor.

To give you an idea of what lighted Casio keyboards come with we’ll take a look at the Casio LK-270. The LK270 features:casio lighted keyboard

– 61 piano-style keys
– Key Lighting System (on / off)
– Touch Response (2 sensitivity levels, off)
– 48-note polyphony (maximum)
– Music Preset (305 presets)
– One Touch Presets (180 presets)
– 10 Digital Effects
– 570 high quality tones including Stereo grand piano tones
– 152 Song Bank tunes, including 50 Exercise phrases
– 180 rhythms including 74 ethnic rhythms and 20 patterns for piano play
– Auto-accompaniment

Buying a lighted keyboard is a great way to find out whether your child is interested in playing the keyboard. It doesn’t cost much. It’s really a waste to buy an expensive keyboard only to find out that your child has no love for the instrument. You can start with a lighted keyboard and if your child develops interest you can go for a more expensive model.

Be sure to read customer reviews before buying the best Casio keyboard, one that suits your needs. 

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