Casio Keyboard Buying Guide


Which is the best Casio keyboard for you? It all depends on your needs. We shall take a look at various keyboards and who they’re most suitable for. Several factors come to play when choosing a keyboard. We shall talk about them here.

The keyboard you choose would depend largely on your budget. When buying a keyboard, the more you spend, the better it usually gets. But you should never pay for features you won’t use. There is need for a balance.

Some of the  on the market are the Privia digital piano series. This includes the Casio PX130 for about $499.00, Casio PX-330 for about $699.00, Casio PX-3 for $799.00, and Casio PX830 for $999.95. They can be bought on sale for less. These keyboards all come with 88 touch-response weighted keys like a grand piano. If you’re looking for a keyboard that emulates the feel of an acoustic piano, you should consider getting one of these, and not one of the cheaper light-key models. These are great piano alternatives for advanced players. Also, they will help beginners develop strength in their fingers. If you’re buying a keyboard for a child taking piano lessons, you should give one of these Casio digital pianos a try. If you’re a professional player looking for a digital piano, Casio, like Yamaha has some good options.

You can also check out the Casio AP series. There’s the Casio AP620 Celviano digital piano for about $1,399.95, Casio AP420 for $1,099.95, and Casio AP220 for $899.95. Before buying anyone of these keyboards you need to know what features you really need.

Are you looking for a Casio keyboard for a beginner or child? There are several cheap keyboards available. They are also great for folks with a low budget. 61 key keyboards like the Casio CTK-2100, CTK-3000 and CTK-4000 are great gifts for a child or beginner. These come with 61 keys and are very basic. It’s a good idea to buy cheaper keyboards like these for kids since you do not know whether they will continue to be interested in playing the keyboard or piano. You don’t want to spend thousands on an instrument, only to have it sitting there if your child loses interest. You can start with cheaper keyboards like the Casio CTK series and move to more expensive models later on.

Another great option for someone learning to play the keyboard is a lighted Casio keyboard. These keyboards actually light up and tell you what notes to play. Learning to play is as easy as following the lights. You can check out keyboards like the Casio LK-230, Casio LK270 and Casio LK100 lighted keyboards. They come with 61 keys. These keyboards cost under $200.

How many keys do you need? If you want a 76 keyboard, you can look into the Casio WK-200 keyboard for about $200.

Looking for the ultimate child mini keyboard? How about the Casio SA-76 44-key keyboard? Yes, only 44 keys. This is a very cheap keyboard selling for less than $50. If you want a keyboard for your kid to play around with but don’t want to spend much, check out a Casio mini keyboard like the SA-76. I would probably buy this keyboard for a child under the age of 5. For an older child I would recommend at least 61 keys.

Before choosing a Casio keyboard, be sure to read customer reviews. They go a long way in helping you decide what is right for you. These are from customers who have actually bought the keyboard you intend to buy. At the end of the day the ultimate decision is yours. 

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