How to play B7 Chord on Piano – B Dominant 7

Let’s learn how to play a B7 chord on piano. To form the chord, B7, combine the root, major third, perfect fifth and flat seventh of the B major scale. The notes of the B major scale are B – C# – D# – E – F# – G# – A#. Using the 7 chord formula, 1 – 3 – 5- 7b, the notes used in B7 is B – D# – F# – A. Note that the 7th note of the scale is lowered by a semitone. So instead of playing A#, the note A is played.

Common names for this chord are B7, B dominant 7 and B dom7.

There is a lot of tension in a dominant seventh chord. When you play the chord, B7 the chord “wants” to move to another chord which is a perfect fourth above it. This chord is E because E is a perfect fourth above B. Playing E after playing B7 is not a must but it is the most natural and likely chord to play after.

The diagram below shows the B dom7 chord in all possible inversions/voicings. B7 chord on piano, B seventh

The notes of the B7th chord in root position are B – D# – F# – A. But this chord has other voicings and can be played in different inversions. To form the first inversion of this chord move B one octave higher and the sequence of notes now becomes D – F# – A – B. To form the second inversion of B7, move D one octave higher and the sequence of notes now becomes F# – A – B – D. Lastly, to form the third inversion of the B dominant seventh chord, move F# one octave higher and the new sequence is A – B – D – F#. For every voicing of this chord the notes played are B, D#, F# and A. The notes do not change, only their sequence.

A B7 chord is actually made up of a major third and two major thirdintervals. B to D# is a major interval consisting of 4 semitones. D# to F# is a minor third interval consisting of 3 semitones. F# to A is a minor interval consisting of 3 semitones.

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