How to Play a B Flat Minor Chord

In this lesson we will learn how to form (play) a B flat minor chord. Other ways to represent this chord are Bbm, Bbmin and Bb-. We will use the various spellings interchangeably and randomly.

To form a B-flat minor chord, combine the root note, Bb, the minor third, Db and the perfect fifth, F of the Bb major scale.

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The notes of the Bb major scale are Bb-C-D-Eb-F-G-A. Bb is the root note, C is the major second, D is the major third, Eb is the perfect fourth, F is the perfect fifth, G is the major sixth, A is the major seventh and Bb, one octave higher is the perfect eighth. When forming a minor chord the 3rd note of the major scale (the major third) is played a semitone lower. Instead of D, you play D flat.

The notes of the Bb major chord are Bb – D – F. For Bb minor the middle note is lowered by a semitone, resulting in Bb – Db – FB flat minor piano chord.

Minor Chord Intervals – Minor and Major Third

In a B flat minor chord, Db is three half tones (semitones) higher than Bb. F is two whole tones or four half tones higher than Db. This chord like other minor triads is a combination of a minor third and a major third. The interval from Bb to Db is a minor third, while the interval from Db to F is a major third.  B flat minor chord, piano

B Flat Minor Chord Root Position and Inversions

In root position the notes of the Bbmin chord from lowest to highest note are Bb – Db – F. You can switch the notes around and play this chord differently.

You can play Bb in a higher octave with Db being the lowest note and F in the middle. Db – F – Bb. This is the first inversion of the chord.

For the second inversion, the lowest note is F, Bb is in the middle and Db is the highest note. F – Bb – Db. Bb minor chord on piano.

Fingerings For Bb Minor Chord

What is the fingering for this chord on piano? Here are possible fingerings in root position and 1st and 2nd inversions.

In root position, play Bb with your thumb (1st finger), play Db with your index finger (2nd finger) and play F with your little finger (5th finger).

For the first inversion of Bb min, play Db with your 1st finger, F with your 2nd finger and Bb with your 5th finger.

For the 2nd inversion of the chord, play F with your 1st finger, Bb with the 3rd and Db with the 5th finger.

Video : How To Play B Flat Minor Chord On Keyboard And Piano

Here are the keys where this chord occurs naturally. 

For the key of Bb minor, it’s chord i. For the key of Db major, it’s chord vi. For the key of F minor, the Bbm chord  is chord iv.  In the key of Ab major, it’s chord ii. In the key of Eb minor, Bbmin is chord v.  In the key of Gb major, it’s chord iii.

Chords in the Key of B Flat Minor

B Flat Minor Scale

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