B Chord on Piano – B Major – How To Play

On this page we learn how to form a B chord on piano.

The B major chord like all major chords is a three note chord (a triad). Due to the fact that it is a major chord, it has a happy, optimistic sound, not a sad sound as is typical of minor chords. When played on piano this chord is made up of one white key and two black ones. The B major scale itself makes use of all 5 black keys, but the B maj chord only uses two.

The B maj chord is formed by combining the notes B, D# and F#. B is the root note, D# is a major third and F# is the perfect fifth of the major scale. From B, you move two tones higher to arrive at D#, and from D# you move one and a half tones higher to arrive at F#.

To get a firm grasp on this chord it is important to practice it in its root position, first inversion and second inversion.

B chord, b major, B major on piano

In root position, the notes of the B chord are in the order, B D# F#. Here’s the right hand fingering for this position. You place your thumb on B, middle finger on D# and fourth finger on F#.

In the first inversion, the notes are in the order, D# F# B. B is one octave higher than the one in root position. Place finger 1 on D#, finger 2 on F# and finger 5 on B.

In the second inversion the notes to play are in the order F# B D#. Finger 1 plays F#, finger 3 plays B, and finger 5 plays D#. These notes are to be played simultaneously.

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The B major chord is enharmonic with Cb major. Enharmonic chords have different names but sound the same. The same keys are played on piano.

How To Play Bmaj Chord

The B major chord occurs naturally in the following keys:

B major (chord I). Relative minor: G# minor (chord III) E major (chord V). Relative minor: C# minor (chord VII) F# major (chord IV). Relative minor: D# minor (chord VI)

The B chord is NOT one of the more popular major piano chords. Not nearly as popular as C, F and G. The B key, in particular is not as common. It’s more difficult to play in this key than let’s say, the C chord. And if one is playing by ear and has to choose a key, one will more than likely choose the chord, C which is just one semitone away from B and easy to play in.

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